Biomass CHP

Biomass CHP

Timber fueled Combined Heat & Power

CHP technology is not new to the UK – in 2014 over 60,000GWh of electricity was produced by natural gas CHPs alone. Modern wood gasification technology builds upon the success of natural gas CHP units, providing a carbon reduction of around 70% compared to the European fossil fuel average and savings of over 1p per kWh (woodchip vs. natural gas).

Biomass CHP timber fuelled combined heat and power Froling


Business Benefits

> Reduced costs – switching to timber fuel could save you between 10 – 74% on your fuel costs

> Efficiency – remote monitoring software is often built into top range timber CHPs, such as Fröling, allowing you to run your system in the most efficient way for your needs.

> Energy Independence – energy produced from a biomass CHP unit is manufactured on site, cutting out expensive energy providers and reducing any supply losses that would occur from grid issues.

Environmental Benefits

> Carbon neutral – The CO2 emissions from the cultivation, processing, transportation and combustion of wood fuels are 70% less than that of their fossil fuel counterparts.

> Sustainable – to encourage energy producers to use fuels that guarantee at least a 60% CO2 saving compared to the European fossil fuel average, the UK government have produced a list of woodfuel providers which meet sustainability requirements so that anyone buying fuel can choose to buy responsibly farmed, processed and transported timber fuel.


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