Food Waste – England

5MW  –  Food Waste  

Installed by BioConstruct in : 2014



Over 100,000 tons of food waste from industry and local authorities is utilised in this plant to generate 5MW of electricity.

The food is fed through a liquid feeding pump and rotar cut that ensures the waste product is small enough for efficient digestion.

Once around 70% of gas has been captured, the substrate is pumped to the post fermenter where a further 20% of gas can be accumulated.


The methane gas travels to the engine room after it has ben cooled and any gas condense has been removed. The methane is then combusted in the engine, powering a generator, producing electricity and heat.

The engine coolant retains the waste heat emitted from the engine and utilises this to warm the fermenter tanks.


The 5MW of electricity generate is currently fed into the national grid, however in 2016 this plant is going to undergo modifications so that the methane can be “upgraded” and injected directly into the national gas grid, where it will mix with natural gas and be delivered to homes and businesses.

The digestate is pumped to storage tanks where a further 5% of gas can be accumulated during storage. The digestate is rich in nutrients, which makes it a perfect fertiliser.



North East England, UK

Installed by BioConstruct:



Food Waste