Clapton – England

500kW  –  Maize & Pig Manure  

Installed by BioConstruct in : 2013

This biogas plant has brought a secure income in to this agricultural business and is now an integral part of the farm’s future.


Maize feedstock is grown on site and pig manure is sourced from a neighboroughing farm. Working 97% capacity the plant is highly profitable.

Using heat from the onsite CHP unit to dry their digestate allows our customer to receive quarterly RHi payments for 20 years.


The onsite CHP unit produces electricity which is upgraded with a trasformer before being fed in to the National Grid. This means, as part of the FIt scheme, that our customers will receive controlled payments from an energy provider for as long as they are able to feed electricity in to the grid.


Somerset, England

Installed by BioConstruct:



23 tonnes Maize – Grown on site

4 Tonnes Pig Manure – Sourced from neighbouring farm


500kW el