A thriving caravan site was expanding and developing some existing barns into a new site shop, games room and shower fertility and needed to increase their heating ability while reducing their fuel costs.

They chose a Froling T4 wood chip and pellet boiler to service the new building, existing holiday cottage, granny annex and farm house.

A section of the building was transformed into a new plant room, house the boiler and 2200L buffer,  a second 1500L accumulator was installed in the farm house garage to provide both DHW and heating locally to the point of use.



A 300L unvented hot water cylinder was installed into the shower and washing facilities to provide plenty of hot water with a very high flow rate to the guests showers.

two underfloor heating systems were installed into the new buildings to provide a highly efficient heating solution.


Shaw Renewables Biomass Biogas renewable energy



 The installation of:

  • 110kW Froling T4 wood chip and pellet boiler
  • 2200L buffer tank
  • 1500L acculimater
  • 300L inventor hot water cylinder
  • 2no. UFH systems
  • Automated fuel feed
  • Pipework and all plant room equipment
  • Boiler Commissioning


  • Office suite
  • 1 bedroom annex
  • gym
  • 5 bed detached house


Existing outbuilding


Fuel savings: Over £5,000 per annum (natural gas vs. wood chips sourced from woodland on site)*

 * These figures are only projected estimates of potential annual savings and payments and are based on figures relevant to the date of boiler commissioning.