1MW Preston, Lancashire

1MW Biomass Wood Chip Boiler

A Lancashire Poultry farmer came to Shaw Renewables for a bespoke heating solution which would reduce his energy bills, produce healthier birds and increase revenue…

1MW Froling Biomass boiler installation poultry farm

A biomass boiler system was easily the best solution for heating the 3 large chicken sheds – The biomass heating system produces a drier heat than conventional heating fuels, which will help to reduce health issues that many chickens suffer from in humid conditions, making for happier, healthier birds.

Both of the 500kW Froling Turbomat boilers use wood chip fuel, substantially reducing our customer’s fuel costs. The heat enters 3 chicken sheds as hot water via pre insulated underground pipe. Once in the sheds it is distributed internally to 2no. air handling units, transferring the hot water to hot blown air, providing nearly 40˚c of air temperature.

1MW biomass boiler heating system poultry farm wood chip boiler

The heating is fully modulated and controlled by the shed’s ventilation technology and delivered by 3 network pumps. The plant room in situated in a purpose built agricultural building. The large scale of the industrial boiler is represented below.