Our System – 670kW Biomass Boiler

670kW Biomass Boiler Cascade

After many years of being installation and maintenance and servicing partners with Fröling, we are finally installing our own Fröling boilers as part of our Renewable Energy Centre.

The plant room is housed in an existing agricultural building at our Headquarters.


2no. 250kW Fröling TX Woodchip boilers and a 170kW Viessmann Vitolingo Log boiler generate heat which is used for a space heating a farm house, holiday lets, greenhouses, office spaces and connects to a wood chip drying system. Pre insulated underground mains carry heat through out the heat network where various emitters are used.


Shaw Renewables Biomass Biogas renewable energy



  • > Installation and commission of 2no. 250kW Fröling TX Boilers
  • Installation and commission of a 170kW Viessmann Vitolingo Boiler
  • > Installation of 15,000L buffer tank
  • > Installation of Pipework
  • > Installation of automated fuel feed
  • > Installation of Pre Insulated underground main
  • > Installation of Fuel Stores
  • > Design of RHI compliant system


  • Farm House
  • Holiday lets
  • Woodchip drying system
  • Office space
  • Greenhouses


Preexisting agricultural building