Preston, Lancashire

80kW Fröling Pellet Boiler

On average the heating of water accounts for 25% of the energy used on a dairy farm, so investing in a biomass system has substantial financial benefits for our customer.


The new system facilitates 2 hot wash does of parlour equipment and a hot swill out of the milk tank everyday. Hot water is delivered on demand 24 hours a day with the use of an instantaneous heating coil- as with the previous immersion tank, no recovery time is needed. The powerful system is capable of storing and supplying heat on demand with no short cycling – eliminating wasteful fuel consumption.

The constant on demand water is delivered to the parlour at 87˚c, facilitating equipment and room wash downs – our customer was thrilled to note that just weeks after the installation of the biomass system his bactoscan results were in single figures! Making for healthier, happier cows.

A pre-existing workshop houses the boiler, buffer tanks and a custom built fuel store with an 8 tonne capacity. The smart plant room design sees the system situated over two floors, allowing the space to continue being used as a workshop. We installed underground mains pipes to carry heating and domestic hot water from the the plant room across the yard to the dairy.

The 5 bedroom Farm house is also connected to the biomass system – thermostatic space heating is provided with radiators and all of the domestic hot water needs are met easily.