High Offley, Staffordshire

199kW Biogas Boiler

Staffordshire 199kW biogas boiler

This Staffordshire based AD plant is now benefitting from increased thermal energy production and additional revenue into the business since installing an Energy Pod.

Shaw Renewables Energy Pod Biogas Boiler 0001


The boiler and all other plant equipment needed is housed in a 20ft shipping container built offsite and delivered to site ready to connect to their technology. The Energy Pod was delivered to the arable farmer’s anaerobic digestion plant just 6 weeks after the order was placed.

This plant houses a 5 way heating manifold, allowing heat from the biogas boiler and onsite CHP to be distributed to a dryer and one of the AD plant’s fermenter. The additional connection from the manifold is for a future heat network. The external dryer transfers 85˚c hot water into force blown hot air, which is being used to dry woodchip which will be sold as biomass fuel, increasing our customer’s revenues further .



  • Dryer


20ft container

Finish: Painted to match existing CHP housing


RHI : approx. £100,000/annum & £2m/20 yrs

Other sources of savings or revenue: the heat produced will be used to dry woodchip for resale.

 * These figures are only projected estimates of potential annual savings and payments and are based on figures relevant to the date of boiler commissioning.


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