Forton, Preston

100kW Fröling Pellet Boiler


A family dairy farm required a solution to rising fuel bills and falling milk prices. the ambitious family business saw biomass as a great partner to their existing dairy business and two new holiday lets.

Heating the Farm house, two holiday lets and the dairy hot water the Froling P4 pellet boiler was the choice for them.


Fitting neatly into an existing farm building the boiler and 2no. 1800L buffers coupled with a 15tonne external pellet silo provide heat to the farm house and holiday lets via a network of Pre insulated heating mains.

Approximately 25% of a dairy farms energy is used to produce hot water for equipment wash down and bulk tank swill out. The 87% degrees DHW loop to the dairy provides more than enough hot water for the dairy and parlour and aids the preparation of calf milk.

An oil fired heating system in the farm house has been replaced by the biomass boiler, providing high efficiency and reliability with simplicity of use and maintenance.




p4 80 kW

The installation of

  • 100kW P4 pellet boiler
  • 2 x 1800L buffer tanks
  • Pre insulated pipe network
  • Automated fuel feed
  • 15 tonne pellet silo
  • Pipework and all plant room equipment
  • Boiler Commissioning
  • Design of RHI compliant system


  • Farm house
  • 2 holiday lets
  • Dairy
  • calf milk preparation


Existing outbuilding


Fuel savings: Over £4,000 per annum (oil and electricity vs. wood pellets)

RHI : Over £8,500 per annum / over £170,000 of total payments over 20 years

Capital return: 7-8 years (based on RHI payments only)

 * These figures are only projected estimates of potential annual savings and payments and are based on figures relevant to the date of boiler commissioning.



P4 pellet Brochure-01