Morland, Penrith

110kW Fröling Wood Chip BoilerThis Penrith based Dairy Farmer wanted to reduce their fuel costs without compromising on their heat and DHW usage – The Fröling Biomass boiler not only delivers on both of those counts, it also brings extra revenue into the business through RHI payments and gives a more consistent water temperature for wash downs, reducing bacteria levels and making for happier cows.



We designed a system that utilised an existing agricultural building for the plant room which now holds the Fröling T4 woodchip biomass boiler, automated auger feed, purpose built fuel store, expansion vessel and 2 buffer tanks.

A third remote buffer tank is situation in an outbuilding close to the 6 bed farmhouse, which is connected to the boiler via a network of pre insulated underground mains pipes. Space heating and DHW is provided to the farmhouse, the existing radiators were easily connected to the new heat source, reducing costs.

The milking parlour and bulk tank have instantaneous DHW at a constant 87˚c for wash downs and swill outs – the high temperature facilitates low bacteria levels. The milking parlour has space heating to protect equipment from frost and provides background heating for workers.

A blended output of water was put into the system as part of our design to allow for easier calf milk preparation and the provision of trough water.

Services provided…

Froling T4 biomass installers

The installation of

  • 110 kW Fröling T4 Wood Chip Boiler
  • 2 x 1500L buffer tanks
  • 1 x 1800L buffer tank
  • Pre insulated underground pipe work
  • Automated fuel feed suction system
  • Pipework
  • Boiler Commissioning


Existing Agricultural outbuilding


Fuel savings: Over £4,000 per annum (oil vs. Wood Chip)

RHI : Over £12,000 per annum / over £248,000 of total payments over 20 years

Capital return: 5-6 years (based on RHI payments only)

 * These figures are only projected estimates of potential annual savings and payments and are based on figures relevant to the date of boiler commissioning.

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