Nelson, Lancashire

100kW Guntamatic Woodchip Boiler

Our customers wanted to switch from a natural gas fuelled heating system to a wood chip fuelled biomass system. Their fuel is sourced on the estate where there properties are situated.

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As their wood chip is created from seasoned logs which they feed into a woodchipper on site, there are heating all 4 properties at no cost.

The biomass system is completely automated and our full maintenance package, means that the biomass boiler will run with a very small amount of consumer involvement. The large fuel store allows them to house massive quantities of fuel at a time, keeping maintenance to a minimum.

As the site houses several buildings, we designed a system that allowed all properties heating and hot water needs to be met by a single wood chip biomass boiler and a 2200L buffer tank, which are house in a barn which was modified to store logs and woodchip. The fuel store has an agitator at it’s base and is segregated by a fireproof barrier.



The installation of

  • 100kW Guntamatic Woodchip Boiler
  • 2200L buffer tank
  • Automated fuel feed
  • Pipework and all plant room equipment
  • Boiler Commissioning
  • Fuel store
  • Design of RHI compliant system


  • Office suite
  • 1 bedroom annex
  • gym
  • 5 bed detached house


Existing outbuilding


Fuel savings: Over £5,000 per annum (natural gas vs. wood chips sourced from woodland on site)

RHI : Over £11,000 per annum / over £230,000 of total payments over 20 years

Capital return: Under 5 years (based on RHI payments only)

 * These figures are only projected estimates of potential annual savings and payments and are based on figures relevant to the date of boiler commissioning.