Biomass Boiler Service

Our engineers are HETAS registered and trained by manufacturers to the highest standards in servicing and maintenance.


We regularly service, maintain and repair leading brands of biomass boilers across the UK in compliance with manufacturer’s guidelines, validating your manufacturer warranty.

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Ash and tar can build up in a biomass boiler, preventing heat from being properly transferred, making it less efficient. A decrease in efficiency can cause running costs to rise and impacts your carbon reduction.


Regular biomass boiler servicing can:

+  reduce the risk of a breakdown

+  help reduce the risk of carbon monoxide emissions

+  help to prolong the life of your biomass boiler.


Without a yearly service…

x     your manufacturer warranty is void

x     ash and tar can build up in your biomass boiler, preventing heat from being properly transferred, making it less efficient

x     your RHI payments could be suspende (Ofgem require proven annual maintenance records)


Did you know that 1mm build up of soot equals 10% loss in efficiency? It is important that regular biomass boiler servicing is undertaken (at least once a year, or around 2,500 running hours, whichever comes first). A warning sign of reduced efficiency is an increase in flue gas temperature as the heat produced is not being transferred correctly and is exiting through the flue.


Regular boiler maintenance is vital to the smooth running and performance of any heating system. Biomass boilers are classed as solid fuel appliances and as such produces a waste product – ash. Ash is a highly insulative material, and as it moves through the boiler with the gasses, it coats steel surfaces and reduces heat transference.

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