Waste to energy

Waste Timber to Thermal Energy

In 2014 the UK created over 2.3 million tonnes of wood waste. Our Waste to energy Biomass boilers use Grade C timber as fuel, turning a costly waste into a profitable commodity.

Waste to Energy Timber Biomass Boiler Grade C wood Waste

Business Benefits

> Turn waste into a commodity reduce waste management costs and increase revenue

> Fuel independence – Generate heat on-site using your own fuel

> Reduce Gate Fees – savings of around £35 – £70 per tonne


Environmental Benefits

Divert waste from landfill – Timber can take over 100 years to rot away, and some of the resins, treatments and binding materials used in the production of this grade of timber take much longer to decompose.

> Sustainable Fuel – Stocks of waste wood do not deplete like fossil fuels 

> Reduced GHG from transport – fewer miles travelled and fewer vehicles used in transporting waste timber will reduce the greenhouse gases emitted on the roads.